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Breaking Into Wall Street – BIWS REVIEW

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Welcome to the Breaking Into Wall Street Real Estate Financial Modeling Course Review.

I can assure you that you have one of the greatest assets to excel in your financial journey right in your hands.

You took this initiative to acquire the right skills to help you manage your financial performance and create a sustainable, working financial decision. You are not alone on this, as I have prepared a thorough review of the BIWS Financial Modeling course. This review will answer all your questions and you’ll also get a chance to compare it with other online courses.

Overview of BIWS Real Estate Financial Modeling Course

When making financial decisions that would better our lives, we like to explore all the available options when choosing a real estate investment. You do not want to venture into a fruitless business that wouldn’t yield any results.

You also have to weigh your available options to settle for the one with the least risk. Employing the assistance of a financial Model would save you the unnecessary stress of going through an unending hit-or-miss sort of situation.

The BIWS Real Estate Financial Modeling Course is put together to direct people who are looking to master Microsoft Excel skills and how to apply them to financial modeling.

Even if you are just a beginner and have never handled an Excel spreadsheet before, no worries, as you will be taken through till you master the use of the advanced tools and program functions.

Real Estate Interface

What the BIWS Financial Modeling Course Is Set to Achieve

  • The real estate business is a booming one where you can make a lot of money if you know how to navigate your way around it. Even with zero knowledge about real estate financial modeling, you stand a chance to sharpen your expertise and gain all the necessary information that would make you a guru.
  • The BIWS Financial Modeling course is what you should take if you are looking at making a statement in the real estate private equity world. You’ll access all the guides and outlines that you have to follow to make a brilliant move when it comes to investing in the real estate sector.
  • You are not getting any information out of the blue. You will be getting an authentic and concrete real estate case scenario to work with. The examples come from previously carried out and ongoing projects. Also, the Moderators have first-hand real-life experience and expertise in coaching other people.
  • The financial modeling course can give you the required skills that would make you sought after by clients.

Who Should Enroll in This Course

  • MBA undergraduate and graduate students who want to master the concept of corporate finance that would help them in any corporate job they find themselves.
    Individuals who are new in the financial modeling industry and are seeking to be experts in their chosen careers.
  • CFA students who want to begin a financial modeling career to up their experience in real estate investments.
    Individuals who are looking to invest in both residential and commercial real estate.
  • A financial analyst who has experience in other sectors and wants to venture into the real estate industry.
  • Real estate amateurs and professionals that need the financial modeling course.

Highlights of the Course

90 days money back guarantee

What You Will Learn/Modules Covered

Module 1

You will be introduced to all you need to know about Real Estate Financial Modeling with real-life narratives and practical Quizzes. You will go through the basic modeling test and sharpen your skills with case studies in real estate.
You will also be provided with videos that explain the REIT concept, valuation, and investment trust profit.
The module is easy to grasp, you do not need long hours to understand the lessons, and the longest video takes about 90 minutes.
Course Hot Takes
  • It contains six real-life case narratives that will be provided as samples—a complete video tutorial with step-by-step guides, case study quizzes, and answers.
  • Two real-life narratives give an in-depth review of the REIT. For this module, you will Study Park Hotels and Inmobiliaria Colonial SOCIMI.
  • Lastly, the module contains four general reviews on REIT income-generating schemes in the real estate sector.

Module 2

You’ll be introduced to the principles of running a flexible monthly financing plan and office property development. There’s also a quiz on Office Property Development.
You will learn how to advise tenants who want to take properties on lease on their preferred choices and how to follow up on the IRR performance.
Course Hot Takes
  • You have 10 video tutorials that give a step-by-step guide on how to use the model, complete quizzes and make sound investment proposals.
  • You will be taught how to manage the finances of each property using the Waterfall Returns Schedule plan.
  • There’s a comprehensive VBA tutorial video that explains the “Lookback” function. You can use it to calculate the IRR of each investment deal.

Module 3

A two-hour quiz on the Procurement of a Hotel (Jumeirah Beach Hotel).
You are going to use a five-star hotel located in Dubai as a case study. There’s a 2-hour lesson on hotel operations, including how to prepare a reasonable quote for the property.
You’ll learn how to make an investment proposition, evaluate the risks associated, and how to bypass the said risks.
Course Hot Takes
  • Six full tutorial videos on how to answer the model quizzes.
  • You will be given six real-life instances to analyze their operations and give the best advice.
  • The positive and negative feedback, and understudying whether to use the Independent or Franchise option.

Module 4

In this module, you will be making a case study on purchasing multifamily properties, giving your recommendations on the financing types to use.
You will be using Lyric multifamily property as a model case, advising them starting from the point of purchase through the financing.
You will apply the discounted cash flow parameters to value the investment. Give proper evaluation to the case study, calculate the downsides and upsides of the debt and equity, and how to curb all the risks involved.
Course Hot Takes
  • The video tutorials contain nine lessons that will guide you on how to do a credit analysis for the Lyric multifamily property and add the valuation category.

  • All your questions on how to do proper credit analysis for real estate properties will be answered. This also includes outlining all the details of the credit plan being undertaken.

Module 5

A four-hour quiz on Purchasing Office/Retail property and Refurbishments (45 Milk Street).
The property you’ll work with is a 61,000-square-foot property in Boston. You would be handling their quote for the month and the year.
You will be introduced to the Waterfall Returns model used to examine the tier performance.
Course Hot Takes
  • 10 Video tutorials on how to put together all the components of Purchasing Office/Retail property and Refurbishments.

  • Learn how to copy ARGUS into the Excel spreadsheet for Commercial real estate.

  • Introduce the Alternate Waterfall Schedule and present their use to the investors.

Module 6

A 2 – hour real-life condo building Test (Heritage Cyrela)

In this module, you will develop a condo model using the Heritage Cyrela as your case study.
You will be estimating the overall production costs, which also include Hard and Soft costs, as well as the cost of purchasing the land.
You will schedule the monthly and annual report summaries using the sensitivity tables. You will also use real-life narratives as a case study.
Course Hot Takes
  • You have a seven full video tutorial that will walk you through the steps of building the condo units and all the following modalities.
  • You will be taught how to do a monthly calculation on catch-up returns and preferred returns and how to use the waterfall return schedule to determine the distributions of cash, starting from investors to sponsors.

Module 7

A 4 – hour REIT Valuation real-life Samples (Avalon Bay)

You are using a 3-statement model to evaluate the U.S.-based company Avalon Bay. This case study showcases the real estate firm’s expertise, achievements, properties, and infrastructural developments.

You will employ all the valuation real estate models like NAV and DCF to analyze long-term projects.

After the analysis is done, you will use the summary of your outcome to prepare a stock pitch quote for Avalon Bay. You would be stating all the theories, triggers, and associated risks and how to tackle all risks involved.

Course Hot Takes

  • It contains 20 full Video tutorials on how to use the complex NAV models.

  • You will learn how to manage REIT risks and prepare written and PowerPoint short stock pitches. Also, how to alter the stock pitch to suit the equity research report.

  • Your knowledge of this module would help you make financial suggestions to the company regarding debt and Equity.

Module 8

REIT Debt and Equity Sample (SPH REIT)

In this module, your case study, a Singapore-based retail company, is about to purchase a property worth millions of naira. You will deploy all the Debt and Equity models to find one that suits the company’s standards and rates.

You will test your knowledge of real estate property finance methods, which is the best to be practiced and at what point, recommend the model that would work well with SPH REIT, outline the possible risks involved and how to reduce them, and make further recommendations on how the organization would finance its business.

Course Hot Takes

  • Six full video tutorials on crafting a sample for a real estate investment trust for the various properties they own.

  • Based on your research, you would be coming up with accurate data that you would use to make your analysis and draw your growth rates and performance of the business. The video lessons teach you how to go about data analysis.

Module 9

In this module, your case study is the Digital Reality company. You will be preparing the merger model and their supposed profit of purchasing the DuPont Fabros once every quarter of the year.

Compile the financial statements, and use the contribution and value creation analysis to determine the details of the deal, the cost of purchase, and the risks involved in such a deal.

You will assess both company’s present and future performance and use the NAV to determine if the investment will be plausible.

Course Hot Takes

  • It contains 12 tutorials that will teach you to employ the 3-statement merger model to analyze REITs.

  • Evaluate real estate investment trust for M and A investment, and monitor the process from beginning to end.

  • You will be using the visible components to make proper deductions that you can use to make recommendations for the proposed investment.

Module 10

Your case study, Blackstone, is about to acquire a Canadian-based pure Industrial real estate trust for $2.5 billion. Assess the deal and make your recommendations.

You will be taught how to maximize leverages available in REIT, make a debt schedule, and calculate the profits of each stockholder and lender group.

Answer the questionnaire outlined in the case study using the sensitivity tables. In the end, make your investment proposal and present them. You will be using PowerPoint for this.

Course Hot Takes

  • You have 11 full video tutorials on developing an LBO model and its best practice in REIT.

  • Lecture on how to use the alternate returns calculations. You will be given an investment proposal as a sample you can employ in LBO study research.

BIWS Is Better than Others - Why?

Breaking Into Wall Street (BIWS) vs Wall Street Prep (WSP)

Breaking Into Wall Street (BIWS) Wall Street Prep (WSP)
Pretty easy to use
Reasonably priced
Real-life narratives
Easy to comprehend
Available in colleges and business schools
Are the lessons downloadable
Coaching with PowerPoint
Cuts across various Companies
Money warranty period90 Days30 Days

Breaking into Wall Street (BIWS) vs. Corporate Finance Institute (CFI)

Breaking Into Wall Street (BIWS) Corporate Finance Institute (CFI)
Pretty easy to use
Easy to comprehend
Reasonably priced
Real-life narration and Case Studies
Are the lessons downloadable
Cuts across various Companies
Cuts across various Companies
Certification available
Money warranty period90 Days30 Days

BIWS Real Estate Financial Modeling Course Certification

Breaking into Wall Street runs the most professional financial coaching course globally. Most companies now want prospective applicants to have a BIWS financial modeling certificate.

BIWS Certificate

You may ask, what are the requirements if I want to be certified by BIWS?

First is to sign up for the program and take your course lessons seriously. You should note that in the BIWS course, you must score high enough to get certified.

You have the theory and practical knowledge of the course coupled with your BIWS certification. Experienced modelers in the business will give you first-hand coaching tips to help you land your first financial modeling deal in no time.


My knowledge of this course helped me get a job at Real Estate Group as an Investment Analyst.

I finally fulfilled my dreams; I got to do my internship with a commercial Real Estate firm.

I wanted to switch careers, and being a financial analyst enthusiast, this financial modeling course helped me secure a Consulting job at a hotel.

I took the videos and applied the step-by-step guide. I wasn't surprised when I was called for the job. This course is worth every penny.

The BIWS Real Estate Modeling course is packed with great content and value. Thumbs up to its creators.

Sample Videos

To watch the Real Estate Financial Modeling Sample Video, click here.
To watch all sample videos, go to this page.

Benefits of Joining the BIWS Course

Here are some of the benefits that you’ll enjoy when you take this course:

Wrapping Up

Signing up for the BIWS Real Estate Financial Modeling Course is a lifetime investment you can make to change the financial course of your life for good. You will be equipped to handle any real estate deal and have the right skill to pass the benchmark of any real estate firm.

If you desire to increase your earnings, this is a valuable course in your hands that will significantly improve your skills in the real estate sector. It’ll give you all the necessary tips that will shoot your career to the sky.

I'm interested. How can I purchase the BIWS Real Estate Modeling program?

You can purchase the regular Real Estate Modeling Package from this link to get the bonus.

Since FinanceWalk has partnered with BIWS, I have a special deal for you.
As a FinanceWalk reader, you will get a FREE  $397 prime membership as a bonus!
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Here is some valuable information on pricing:

BIWS Discount Offer

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This is the most comprehensive Real Estate Modeling package on the market today. Includes the NEW and Improved Real Estate Modeling ($497) + Excel & VBA ($197) + Core Financial Modeling ($297) courses designed to make you an even more well-rounded Real Estate Professional.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

It’s for anyone proficient in Excel, analysis, and valuation in the accounting sector who wants to diversify into the real estate industry. You’ll learn how to do financial modeling for properties and acquisitions.

There are over 300 pages of written content, 114 lessons, and follow-up transcripts. Check out the Modeling course page for more information.

Yes, You can access the course details in the course page section of the website. Each page has a short sample of the entire lesson.

The entire course has about 60 hours of lessons. Spending an hour every day will enable you to complete it in 2-3 months.

The BIWS real estate financial modeling course is the best you can find in the market. It offers real-life narratives, easy-to-understand videos, and practice quizzes to help you prepare effectively for your interview.

We do not teach ARGUS because it is a complex and costly software that is a whole course on its own.

You will get a chance to learn REIT Valuation. You will be taught how to analyze and compare similar firms and investments.

You can choose between Real Capital Analytics or Property and Portfolio Research. They provide detailed information about real estate properties around you, though their prices are on the high side.

Yes, of course. There are various examples of properties and firms used in this course from countries like the UK, Dubai, Canada, Brazil, Australia, France, Hong Kong, UAE, and so on.


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