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Breaking Into Wall Street – BIWS REVIEW

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Your career goal is to break into wall street and you’re planning on taking the Breaking into Wall Street course. Congratulations! You’ve made a fantastic decision.

This is the first step toward bettering yourself in the financial realm and preparing for successful interviews and great job opportunities. As usual, I’m here to help with an in-depth Breaking into Wall Street review (BIWS review).

I know you’re eager to find out why you would need a financial training program such as Breaking into Wall Street, why BIWS is better than others, or why you should prefer it over other Wall Street training programs.

Let’s break all this down together in this detailed Breaking into Wall Street review where I’m going to answer all your questions.

Breaking Into Wall Street Review - All about Breaking Into Wall Street

BIWS Review

The brain behind Breaking into Wall Street is Brian deChesare. Brian had vast experience working in technology as well as starting Internet-based businesses. Not to mention how successful he was in the investment banking world. As a result, he used his knowledge and expertise to create Mergers & Inquisitions back in 2007.

In the years that followed, given his success, Brian has been invited as a featured speaker on finance and business at leading universities and business schools all over the world. But undoubtedly his biggest achievement is Breaking into Wall Street.

The BIWS financial training program is now used in over 75 countries, more than 150 schools and universities, and over 150 finance firms and corporations.

It is one of the most renowned financial training programs in the world, and you have the possibility to enrol for it and take advantage of everything it has to offer. Which brings us to this.

Why BIWS Is Better than Others?

Programs Offered by BIWS

If your goal is a successful financial career or making it on Wall Street in the easiest way possible, the Breaking into Wall Street financial program offers online courses in investment banking, financial modeling, and industry-specific modeling.

I know you read my articles for advice and help on how to shape your career, but this time I have a little more for you. FinanceWalk is a BIWS partner.

Follow any of the links posted here and you will get a free $397 Prime Membership bonus when you buy any program of the BIWS course.

Breaking into Wall Street Review - List of Courses

1. Investment Banking Networking Toolkit

If you’re interested in knowing what you can learn or apply to when it comes to the Breaking into Wall Street financial training program, I have compiled a quick rundown of the courses you can follow. 
Who can apply? Everyone. 
Will it help me? Yes. 
All fields of finance use the same networking strategies. This course speaks to everyone who wants to work in finance. 
The course is extra beneficial if you’re planning on entering investment banking since it will teach you proven ways to network within the banking industry. This means establishing and building contacts via a 9 step process. 
You will learn cold calling, turning interview requests into real meetings, and how to make the best impression every single time you meet someone in the industry.

2. Investment Banking Interview Guide

Particularly useful if you want to prepare for interviews in investment banking, private equity, equity research, and corporate development. 
The course provides you with an interview guide as well as surefire tips on how to crack interviews and how to gain ‘unfair’ advantage over your competitors. 
You will receive 15 resume templates, go through technical questions, as well as typical questions asked in every interview in the industry. You will also be given all the answers necessary so that you can ace your real life interviews. 
The course comes with access to 326+ practice questions. 
If you click on the course details button below you will get the BIWS investment banking interview guide PDF.

3. Excel & VBA for Investment Banking

Of course, it will teach you the ins and outs of Excel and VBA. Perfect for people who work with data analysis and financial models and who are looking to learn how to automate their work process. Working at a fast pace in financial modeling is a sure way to get top tier bonuses.

If that sounds good, this course is for you!

Check out the links below to find out more about the Breaking into Wall Street Excel & VBA for Investment Banking course.

4. Financial Modeling Mastery

Who is this course for? Everyone who wants to work in investment banking, private equity, equity research, and corporate development. 
The course speaks to people who already have a basis in financial modeling and are now seeking a higher level of expertise. Breaking into Wall Street has created this course to perfect your skills and give you access to a new level of proficiency. 

One of the main advantages of taking this particular course is the fact that you will learn how investment bankers use financial modeling in real-life scenarios. 

You will also learn advanced LBO modeling, detailed operating models with projections, and more.

5. Real Estate & REIT Modeling

Who is this course for? People who want to work in real estate-focused investment banking, real estate, private equity, equity research, or corporate development.
The course will teach you REIT financial modeling as well as real estate so that you can pass investment banking interviews successfully. You will learn through real life case studies and video tutorials.
This BIWS comprises concepts such as hotel acquisition and renovation, REIT equity research and SEC filings, office development and sale, and REIT operating modeling and valuation.
If you click on the Course details button below you will get the Real Estate PDF offered by the Breaking into Wall Street financial training program.

6. Bank & Financial Institution Modeling

Who is this course for? Anyone who wants to work in investment banking, private equity, equity research, or corporate development focused on financial institutions. 
One of the best things about this course is the fact that it uses video tutorials and real case studies to teach you financial institution modeling. These examples focus on SunTrust Banks and JPMorgan. 
You will also learn about interest-bearing liabilities, interest-earning assets, loan and credit losses, and much more.

7. PowerPoint Pro

Did you know that BIWS PowerPoint Pro 2.0 is the only course available that teaches you how to use PowerPoint like a professional? 
This Breaking into Wall Street review is proud to announce that the BIWS financial training program will teach you how to master PowerPoint so that you can complete your investment banking pitch books and buy-side investment recommendations in half the time it takes your competitors to do so. 
This is the amazing advantage that will get you in line for a promotion and the well-deserved bonus after so much studying and hard work!

Testimonials/ Reviews

To read more Testimonials / Reviews, click here.
To watch all sample videos, go to this page.

What Is the BIWS Certification?

Seeing as the Breaking into Wall Street financial training program is recognised and appreciated worldwide, most companies prefer that their candidates have a BIWS certification when they apply for a position.

Breaking Into Wall Street Certificate

Naturally, one question arises. What do I need to do to get the BIWS certification?

Of course, you will have to enroll in the BIWS training program. You also need to get a 90% score. Please keep in mind that there is a high focus on self testing when it comes to this training program.

Seeing as most companies place a huge focus on practical knowledge, the BIWS training program provides you with opportunities to learn from experienced investment bankers. This, combined with your BIWS certification is a great way to help you in your interviews.

Read more about the BIWS Certification here.

BIWS Is Better than Others - Why?

Breaking Into Wall Street (BIWS) vs Wall Street Prep (WSP)

BIWS PremiumWSP Premium
Shortest time to complete
Best price
Easy learning experience
Live cases and study analysis
Provides certification
PowerPoint Training
Taught in universities and business schools
Covers companies from all over the world
Can you download lessons?
Money-Back Guarantee90 Days30 Days

Why should you choose BIWS?

Breaking Into Wall Street (BIWS) vs Corporate Finance Institute (CFI)

Shortest time to complete
Best price
Provides certification
Used by investment banks to train analysts
Can you download lessons?
Years in business20072015
Money-Back Guarantee90 Days30 Days

The Benefits of the BIWS Programs

I’m quite sure that you already know the simple answer to this. After all, the BIWS is a financial training program that will equip you with all the theoretical and practical knowledge you need to successfully pass through an interview and then secure a position in a financial institution of your choice.

But since this is a Breaking into Wall Street review, I have a few more details on the benefits of the BIWS program for you that you might not have been aware of.

Money Back Gurantee

I'm interested. How can I purchase the BIWS programs?

Since FinanceWalk has partnered with BIWS, I have a special deal for you.

As a FinanceWalk reader, you will get a FREE $397 prime membership!

Make sure to purchase your course through the following FinanceWalk links to get the discount!

Here is some valuable information on pricing:

BIWS Discount Offer

BIWS PackagesSpecial Discount + Bonus Link
BIWS Platinum Package$1197 (Save $932) + $397 Bonus
BIWS Premium Package$497 (Save $194) + $397 Prime Bonus
Combo Package - Excel & VBA + Financial Modeling Mastery$97 Discount + $397 Prime Bonus
Combo Package - IB Networking Toolkit + IB Interview Guide$100 Discount + $397 Prime Bonus
Combo Package - Real Estate Modeling + Excel & VBA + Financial Modeling Mastery$344 Discount + $397 Prime Bonus
Combo Package - Bank Modeling + Excel & VBA + Financial Modeling Mastery$344 Discount + $397 Prime Bonus

BIWS Platinum - $997 (Save $932) + Free $397 Bonus

This is the most comprehensive IB package on the market today. Includes the NEW and Improved BIWS Premium Financial Modeling Course (RRP: $497) PLUS access to the above 7 complementary courses designed to make you an even more well-rounded IB Professional.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

No, of course not. If you want and feel the need to, you can sign up for every single course that BIWS offers. This means that you will be getting the BIWS Platinum Package, which is a fantastic deal. However, if you have checked out all the BIWS courses and only want to take a few at this point in time, you can do that as well.

Since this is an objective Breaking into Wall Street review, I can tell you that the BIWS premium package is more advanced. It has a large number of case studies that will help you get a sense of how things work in the real world of finance.

At the same time, the contents are continuously being updated and better structured. Apart from that, users report that the BIWS is very friendly and makes the learning experience a lot easier than the WSP.

That depends on the courses you choose. For example, there are a few courses that teach everything including the basics of that topic, such as Networking Toolkit, PowerPoint Pro, IB Interview Guide, and the Excel & VBA. This means that you can apply to these courses and start learning right away without any prerequisite knowledge.

The BIWS also offers some courses that are specific to the financial industry for which you should already know at least the basics of Excel. These courses include Oil & Gas, Real Estate & REIT, Banks & Financial Institutions, as well as the course on Financial Modeling Mastery.

If you’re planning on taking courses that speak specifically to certain parts of the financial world, you should already know your ABCs when it comes to valuation, accounting, and transaction modeling.

My advice to you is to sign up for a mixture of packages that the BIWS offers. In this way, you will make sure you learn both basic skills and industry specific courses at the same time.

Yes, of course. The BIWS courses are available to everyone within the North American region but also worldwide. You should also know that the courses use real case studies that will teach you about companies all over the world. This is what makes BIWS special. It provides real life experience in the financial industry no matter where you come from.

Yes, of course. The website will cater to all your needs so that you can continue studying wherever you are, in whichever format, and even on the go. If you feel more comfortable using your smartphone, you can still take notes, watch videos, and keep on learning!

Buy your selected course through any of the FinanceWalk links on this page.

Send me an email at Include your name and email address and I will give you Prime Membership.


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If you want to build a long-term career in Financial Modeling, Investment Banking, Equity Research, and Private Equity, I’m confident these are the only courses you’ll need. Because Brian (BIWS) has created world-class online financial modeling training programs that will be with you FOREVER.

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I see FinanceWalk's Prime Membership as a pretty perfect compliment to BIWS courses – BIWS helps you build financial modeling and investment banking skills and then I will help you build equity research and report writing skills.

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Breaking Into Wall Street Courses - Boost Your Financial Modeling and Investment Banking Career

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