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Find Your Unique Career

Our Career Coach Sanju will help you with Career Discovery by reading your Inner GPS, locating your potential career and milestones, the skills required, and the career that makes you happy and wealthy (Your Complete Roadmap and Action Plan).

Through this Career Discovery Session with Coach Sanju, you get immediate, direct answers and solutions to your potential career queries

Value Addition to You

Coach Sanju’s Coaching session is a direct experience for the transformation in you.

​Her Coaching will help you learn how to optimize your career and the prime areas of your life. You will learn the productive secrets of utilizing your time, money, and energy to convert yourself into an asset for a lifetime.

Hello, I'm Coach Sanju!

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I am a Career Coach at FinanceWalk.
I help you recognize your inherent gifts, talents, and uniqueness for a flourishing career based onᅠyourᅠlife’s purpose and conscious guidance.
I empower you to love yourself, follow your Inner GPS, remove your limiting beliefs and conditioning, and to be wealthy and happy in career and life.

What Can You Expect from My Coaching?

My Coaching is the ultimate tool to achieve practical results based on your Inner GPS only when you are eligible for my Coaching.

I navigate you and your energies like a satellite to locate your Inner GPS in terms of your career and wealth.

My objective is to make you aware that your Inner GPS functions uniquely for you. I help you with this brilliant Inner GPS tool to guide you.

My coaching session adds value to you in the following dimensions:

To get the best value from my Inner GPS Coaching, read this page thoroughly before the session and clear your expectations.

If you feel that my Inner GPS Coaching is the best value for your time, money, and energy, then go ahead and book an appointment.

What Is NOT Part of My Coaching?

What should you not expect from my Coaching?

Do not waste your money on my coaching if you are here for:

I do not provide any of the above. 

I am not an employment agency, job recruiter, or an educational institution. I am a Coach who helps you in your Inner GPS Coaching.

You must have a certain degree of eligibility to take my Coaching. Go through the FAQ section below to know your eligibility criteria.

Success Stories

Coaching with Coach Sanju was simply an incredible experience for me. I did not know that there was such an excellent gift to build my intelligence and that I could develop my Inner GPS. When I approached FinanceWalk, I was baffled after I failed in CFA Level 2 and how I should position myself in the financial services industry. I did not know about the skills required to get me a job and how I could craft a meaningful career. After the coaching session, I got absolute clarity because the career discovery through this process was precisely in tune with something deep inside me that I always wanted to tap. I am very thankful for the fantastic advice and insight about myself. The guidance is invaluable; I will use this insight to progress to the next level.



Present Status: CFA Student

Career Discovery after Inner GPS Session: Innovator

I was stressed out and confused about my career path. Career coaching happened like a boon to me. Coach Sanju, as a Coach, is incredible. The way she intuitively read my inherent potential career and helped me become aware of my consciousness amazed me. She helped me activate my Inner GPS by removing my energy blockages, which have now become a guiding tool for my career and life. She empowered me to build my confidence and attitude to go ahead with my intent and work on my latent professional expertise. This session is valuable because it guided me from chaos to clarity.


Jasbeer (MUMBAI)

Present Status: MBA Student

Career Discovery after Inner GPS Session: Financial Analyst

Coach Sanju has been the best Coach ever since I met her. Her methods and guidance are pragmatic as they transform you. She not only intuitively tapped my consciousness but also removed energy blocks restricting clarity in my vision. When I approached FinanceWalk for career coaching, I was pursuing ACCA. I wanted to make a career in investment banking. I was confused because I transitioned from accounting to the core finance sector. Due to her Coaching and support, I am doing well with my professional progress in a more focused and definite pathway plan. I have created my blueprint for success.


Sukhbir (LONDON)

Present Status: ACCA Student

Career Discovery after Inner GPS Session: Investment Banker

Coach Sanju is an excellent coach. She is a rare mentor, and people like me truly need her presence. Her coaching session is unique and profound. She has the flair, expertise, and intuitive gift to know the most profound truths about our life's purpose and helps professionals to go to the next level. The career coaching session gave me insights into my dormant potential to be an entrepreneur, along with the suggested practical action plan. I highly recommend her services if you want to live your life purpose and create your career based on your Inner GPS.


Lorenzo (The U.S.)

Present Status: Finance Professional

Career Discovery after Inner GPS Session: The New Age Entrepreneur

I still remember the moment I felt I was on the wrong route. I was willing to be in finance, but I did B. Tech in IT. I was working in an IT firm but somehow felt something was wrong. After much research, I approached FinanceWalk for the proper guidance. To my surprise, the direction received through the coaching session transformed everything. It's been an excellent opportunity to receive the career coaching session from Coach Sanju. The revelation about me through the intuitive session was mind-blowing. The process might take a few years, but my focused investment in this direction will lead me to my destination.



Present Status: Professional

Career Discovery after Inner GPS Session: Digital Entrepreneur

It is an incredible feeling to know and discover why we are born. I was born to be an entrepreneur, and this secret was unknown to me until I approached FinanceWalk for Coaching based on my intuitive reading. When I sought help from FinanceWalk, I was utterly confused regarding my career path. Coach Sanju helped me with my potential career discovery as an entrepreneur by making me aware of my uniqueness. I learned how I could work on myself with a definite action plan. It cleared my mental cobweb leading me toward a clear roadmap to my potential career path.

Dharmesh NOIDA

Dharmesh (NOIDA)

Present Status: Finance Professional

Career Discovery after Inner GPS Session: Entrepreneur

The knowing and concrete action plan I got from the career coach, Coach Sanju at FinanceWalk, is incredible. I needed a precise action plan to kick-start my career and get into a spontaneous life. Despite being an MBA, an engineer, and a professional in the Bio-medical field, I was doing nothing when I approached her. Though I had worked as a Financial Analyst due to my ailing conditions, I stayed at home for many years. I wanted to break through in my career by applying my skills to something productive. But nothing worked in my favor. With Coach Sanju's intuitive guidance, I discovered my potential career as a Counselor and Life Coach. Coach Sanju's style, gifts, attitude, and energy are highly inspiring, which set me into a specific course of action.



Present Status: Former Engineer

Career Discovery after Inner GPS Session: Life Coach

I was a professional in the financial sector, but I wasn't happy with my career. My mind was confused as I was unclear about my dream to be an investment banker in my initial years at a job. Later I wanted to start my own NBFC. But I wasn't sure whether my dream was achievable or not. To be very frank, I was stuck. Coach Sanju dug deeper into my potent career and brought peace to my disturbed mind. Coach Sanju intuitively brought clarity about every aspect of my life and career. For me, the coaching session appeared as a beautiful gift.


Akshay (NEW DELHI)

Present Status: Finance Professional

Career Discovery after Inner GPS Session: Consultant in Wealth Management

When I approached FinanceWalk, I was confused and stressed by my clueless career path. Though I was doing a job in the finance field, I did not love my work. I was not finding a channel to realize my dream. After the intuitive reading and dedicated Coaching with Coach Sanju, I felt more confident. I settled and got absolute clarity on how to fulfill my dream life. The practical action plan suggested by Coach Sanju proved to be magic for my chaotic life. The Coaching helped me know about my in-depth understanding of myself. I learned how to invest in myself in the most productive way to create the life I wanted.


Kiara (MUMBAI)

Present Status: Finance Professional

Career Discovery after Inner GPS Session: Career Coach

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You are eligible only when you are coachable and ready to explore yourself based on your Inner GPS with 100% attention.

  • You should be open to receiving and asking for feedback.
  • It would be best if you were willing to take action and make personal changes based on the feedback.
  • It would help if you took my input as a valuable tool in your development.

The coaching service provided by me is a one-to-one session with you. It is customized uniquely for you based on your questions and unique issues in your career. So,

  • You should have specific questions and problem areas to resolve.
  • I help you directly by giving you insights into the questions you ask.
  • Besides investing your money for the session, you need to be available for the session with your time and attention.

No. My career coaching is your career discovery session based on your Inner GPS that is person-specific. Suppose you’re born to become a Musician; I will help you locate that potential career in you.

Suppose you’re engaged in the Finance field now, and your inner calling is toward a successful career as a Musician. Then I will tap that and help you navigate through all the potential possibilities in you.

Career Coaching is not confined only to Finance Careers. Everyone is unique, and so is the individual career. So, the coaching is universally applicable to any career, from being a Financial Analyst to a Chef, Actor, Film-maker, Entrepreneur, Life Coach, Consultant, or Scientist.

Once we accept your payment, we book the session for you and do not cancel. You will be informed well in advance if there are any changes from my side or any schedule change. We do not provide refunds or discounts if you are either late for the session or do not show up.

My coaching helps you set your career goal in tune with your life’s purpose and potential career.

  • Based on my intuitive reading about you, you will know about your inherent gifts, talents, uniqueness, and potential career.
  • My career guidance and action plan will help you live a wealthy, prosperous, and happy life.
  • It would be best if you took practical actions externally to benefit from the coaching session.
  • If you want to enhance the benefits, then take action based on the action plan I will share with you after the session.
  • I will add value to you by guiding your queries and career discovery based on your Inner GPS.

You have to be 100% committed to creating the best career for yourself and be 100% responsible for your results. Only your investment in yourself can give you the best returns. It is your call.

Each coaching session is complete in itself based on your objective. You will get results based on how you take action as per my action plan.

  • You can decide your meeting sessions with me depending on your need and eligibility (decided by me) to take my coaching.
  • Every individual has a specific requirement at different times.
  • You can make the appointment and proceed with the guidance whenever you need my coaching session.

Since our service is not a digital product, there are no refunds or discounts on our service.

When you book a session with us, it is evident that you are ready for the session. The time slot is locked once we book a session for you and accept your payment. We do not take any other appointments for that time. Our time and energy invested in you are irreplaceable, so we do not grant any refunds for our invested time and energy in you. if you are not sure whether this service is right for you, we request you to email us at: before making the payment.