KPO Jobs: A Complete Guide to Help You Move Ahead


A Beginner's Guide to KPO Jobs in India

Though I’m in financial education space for the last 15 years, I continuously search for new things that I can share with FinanceWalk readers like this KPO Jobs guide.

I get a lot of inquiries from graduates and post-graduates about making a career in financial KPOs.

So, today I decided to write a post on it.

Here are my experiences and observation of KPO careers and jobs in India.

KPO Guide


KPO means Knowledge Process Outsourcing, by nature, is suitable for people who’re looking forward to making a Specialist career.

If you’re a graduate and looking for a job, it’s easier to get one in BPO—Business Process Outsourcing.

Because BPOs are mostly process-oriented where your general processing skills come handy.

If you’re a post-graduate and possess domain knowledge, you can make your career in finance in these roles as they require specific domain knowledge plus analytical skills.

Work Timings

Generally, BPOs need you to work in different rotating shifts, and KPOs have regular day shifts.


If you want to enter this industry, you should be a graduate/post-graduate and have the right attitude and have realistic salary expectations.

Job location

Most new analyst related job solutions and job alerts are in metros—Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Lucknow, Ahmedabad, Pune and Nashik (recently WNS has opened a research center there).

What is meant by KPO Jobs and How can you apply

The first step is to visit the website of the company and check the job requirements and eligibility criteria.

The second step would be to check whether you’ve all these skills and you’re eligible. If you don’t have the required skills, you should acquire these skills first and then apply them.

You need to be a graduate/postgraduate (MBA, CA, CFA) and need skills like:

  1. Solid analytical skills
  2. Curiosity and interest in analyzing, understanding companies in depth
  3. Solid fundamental valuation skills acquired in business school
  4. Interest in understanding, analyzing a company’s business
  5. Clear financial and quantitative concepts
  6. Ability to build financial models
  7. Sectoral expertise in Telecom, Media, Technology, Insurance, Banking, Food & Beverage.
  8. Strong analytical and MS Excel skills (Macros, V-Lookups and Pivot Tables) with strong communication skills
  9. Ability to write research reports

How can I get a job in KPO?

The third step would be to prepare your resume/CV and make it customized for the job you’re interested in. Remember, a good resume can fetch you interview calls.

The fourth step is to upload your resume on different job sites like Naukri, Monster, etc.

The fifth step is to update your LinkedIn profile. Nowadays, many vacancies are filled by using the LinkedIn database.

The sixth step is to visit the companies’ websites and fill their online application form.

The seventh step is to wait for interview calls and be prepared for interviews.

Remember, every step in this process is equally important to make a career in the KPO industry in India.

If you do all these steps on your own, you’ll be ahead of 90% of the crowd.

What type of Job is KPO?

If you have a degree in MBA, CA or CFA, then Financial KPO is always beneficial for you.

Whether you work for a financial KPO or you, get work outsourced from them, in both the scenarios you will be in demand.

The very reason being the degree of MBA, CA and CFA are all linked to finance, and the technical skills which are gathered from these studies are helpful in the work of financial KPO.

From the MBA’s point of view:

The degree of MBA (Master of Business Administration) gives you an insight into all the aspects of business administration, whether it is with Human Resource, or with Product development or with Management or in Finance.

As such you can expect to work in financial KPO if you have an MBA degree, and you will earn more if the specialization is in Finance. 

From CA’s point of view:

The degree of CA (Chartered Accountancy) is valuable from both the angles, i.e., getting outsourced work from KPO and also getting a job in this position.

If you are in practice and have specialization in any specific field, then expect to get some work outsourced from KPO, and if you are a fresher, you can join them and earn handsome money.

Is KPO a good career option?

Yes. If you compare all the three degrees, you will understand that these people are mostly involved in all the workings of financial KPO, whether it is on their payroll or as their partner.

CA, CFA, and MBA are degrees that provide the skill set for the working that financial KPOs are involved with, and so it is always a good place for such degree holders.


  • Cost-effective – Mostly, the work associated with KPO is done at a much lower price in comparison to the cost which the organization would have incurred if it was supposed to do that same work within the organization.
  • Work conducted by knowledge related job is mostly technical, and as such, there are a lot of professionals attached to the task.

    We get the work done by a person having specialized skills in that area, thereby increasing the effectiveness and quality of the work.
  • Organisation also gets the benefit of time zone, since sometimes BPOs work in different time zone as such the organization can utilize the advantage of 24 hrs working.

In this post, I plan to cover the top 30 financial companies in India.

There is no shortage of opportunities for the right person to have excellent skills in such an international consulting project.

Financial Analyst Jobs in Mumbai

  1. Sutherland Global Services (Formerly Adventity)
  2. Transparent Value India
  3. Aranca
  4. Integreon
  5. WNS
  6. Boston Analytics
  7. TresVista
  8. Axience
  9. Netscribes

Financial KPO Jobs in Pune

  1. SG Analytics
  2. Reval Analytics
  3. Eclerx
  4. Syntel
  6. Credit Pointe
  7. Verve
  8. ValueNotes
  9. BNY Mellon
  10. Credit Suisse
  11. WNS
  12. Capital Metrics & Risk Solutions
  13. AlgoAnalytics

Financial KPO Jobs in Bangalore

  1. Amba Research
  2. iGate
  3. Brickwork India
  4. Axa Business Services
  5. Infosys BPO
  6. WNS

Financial KPO Jobs in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon

Financial Company in Chennai

  1. Irevna

Financial Company in Hyderabad

  1. DE Shaw
  2. Deloitte

Whatever be the risk or benefit with sharing work with the organization have their set and pattern of decision making and in the current scenario, most of the overseas jobs are outsourced to business working in India, China, Israel or Russia since the cost of getting the work done through BPO KPO is beneficial to the organization.

Financial KPO Summary

There you have it, 30+ BPO KPO jobs in India.

I spent at least 10 hours on this post, scouring the web for every KPO I could find.

Please leave a comment about your experience (either positive and negative) below.

And if you find a new way to get into BPO or KPO, please share the love with the rest of us.

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