What Is Financial Advisor Career Path? The Best Guide

Want to know more about the financial advisor career path? Read this guide completely to know about how to become a financial advisor. Last Monday, I visited my insurance company office to inquire about insurance products that suit my needs. There, I met a senior financial advisor, who gave his

Equity Value Vs Enterprise Value: The Best Comparative Guide

Are you new to investing or possibly a veteran investor using valuation techniques? In either case, you may have noticed that there are two different numbers (Equity Value Vs Enterprise Value) used to calculate the total value of a company – the Equity Value (or market capitalization) and the Enterprise

How to Do Industry Analysis: Follow this 6-Step Process Model

In my last article, I covered how to predict the earnings of a company and today I am going to write about how to do industry analysis. The Need for Industry Analysis Industry analysis is an essential responsibility for an equity research analyst. As an equity research analyst, you need

How to Become a Private Equity Analyst

A Private Equity Analyst or PE Analyst is a person who does research and analysis of private companies. Financial modeling techniques are used by the analyst to determine the merits and demerits of investing in the stock of a certain private company. As the term implies, a private equity analyst

How to Become a Mutual Fund Manager

If you want to know how to become a mutual fund manager, read this definition given by Investopedia, A fund manager is responsible for implementing a fund’s investing strategy and managing its portfolio trading activities. The fund can be managed by one person, by two people as co-managers, or by a team of three

A Complete Guide on How to Become a Hedge Fund Analyst

In this post, I’m going to cover how to become a hedge fund analyst. In my previous article, I covered the Investment Banking Analyst’s role and responsibilities. Let’s begin with the definition of a hedge fund. What Is Hedge Fund? Hedge Fund is the pooling of investments from high net