How To Do Equity Research: An Actionable Guide

Are you ready to learn how to do equity research? Here is the truth.  Whether you are a finance student, a career switcher, or an aspiring analyst, mastering equity research is your ticket to financial expertise and success.  In this guide, you will learn the actionable tips to do equity

Equity Research Course: 10+ Lessons | Download XLS Free

One of the most exciting careers in corporate finance now is equity research. Here’s the complete equity research course for you. But how do you become one? That’s our main agenda here. Before we dig deeper, let’s start with what equity research is. What Is Equity Research? Equity research is

How Hard Is It to Get Into Private Equity? A Comprehensive Guide

If you’ve ever thought of working in private equity and taking advantage of carried interest, then no doubt you’ve wondered “how hard is it to get into private equity?” There are limited enough job titles and openings and tight entry requirements, so getting a foothold in the market requires knowledge,

Private Equity Consultant Career – An Actionable Guide

Do you want to become a Private Equity Consultant but need to know- How? Here is my solution for you: While that all sounds great: In this guide, you will learn to become a “Freelancer Private Equity Consultant” and know how to make money in this career in the digital

Financial Analyst vs Investment Banker – A Comparative Guide

Are you passionate about the finance industry and considering a finance career as a financial analyst or an investment banker? You must explore the key differences between these two to make an informed choice. In this comparative guide, you will learn the significant differences between financial analysts and investment bankers

How to Get Into Private Equity: The Best Actionable Guide 

After much effort to find the proper guidance on how to get into private equity, you landed here? Your efforts would be well-spent, as your arrival on this page is not just a coincidence. When you explore how to get into private equity in this guide, you will discover that

Work from Anywhere-Finance & Business Careers: Practical Actions Guide

Being able to work from anywhere has always been trendy, but in 2023 and in the future too, this life choice will become more ubiquitous, with opportunities to earn and live your life to the fullest. However, working from anywhere requires time and effort, as most experienced digital nomads would

Work From Anywhere: Finance and Business Careers Guide

In the past, working was often confined to a physical location (offices), limiting people’s freedom to choose what they wanted and live free of external patronage and control. Today? Working is a different ballgame altogether—no matter what career you are in, you can work from anywhere and still live your

How to Become an Investment Banking Analyst- The Best Guide

Are you currently exploring your career options and toying around with the idea of becoming an investment banking analyst?  Today is your lucky day because I’ll walk you through what it entails. Ask yourself:  Before becoming an investment banking analyst, you must be clear on your- Why? Why become an

Hedge Fund Interview Questions and Answers: A Complete Guide

Are you gearing up for an interview at a hedge fund company? Hedge funds are among the primary global market movers and one of the main global liquidity influencers. Hedge funds are also known for lucrative bonus packages. It’s not strange to hear of a hedge fund analyst having upwards