How to Become a Mutual Fund Manager

If you want to know how to become a mutual fund manager, read this definition given by Investopedia,

A fund manager is responsible for implementing a fund’s investing strategy and managing its portfolio trading activities. The fund can be managed by one person, by two people as co-managers, or by a team of three or more people.

Candidates with MBA, CA or post-graduate degrees in finance or management are suitable for this profile.

The typical work profile of a mutual fund analyst includes tracking debt market trends, tracking mutual fund manager’s performance, interacting with fund managers, preparing sector reports, preparing reports on mutual funds and new offerings, and meeting new clients.

Mutual funds offer long-term career options.

The salary range of a mutual fund analyst varies based on experience. Candidates possessing 1-2 years of experience in financial analysis can expect Rs. 5-6 lakh per annum in Mumbai, India.

Candidates having 5-6 years of experience in this field can expect Rs. 14-20 lakh salary per annum.

Mutual funds analysts in western countries like the US earn about $68,000 to $70,000 annually, according to

People having 10-15 years of experience in mutual fund analysis and equity research can look forward to becoming a mutual fund manager.

People who manage funds are called Fund Managers.

How to become a mutual fund manager

Mutual Fund Manager Education, Job Responsibilities & Salary


A bachelor’s degree in economics, accounting, tax, and finance or investment analysis is a good starting point. A Master’s degree in investments or finance has additional benefits.

If you have undergone internships or summer jobs, it will open to give better career opportunities in this sector.

Job Responsibilities

A mutual fund manager needs to fulfill varied roles and responsibilities, beginning with the management of equity, debt and diversified fund with the support of research desk, taking accountable investment and exit decisions for the fund, delivering superior returns compared to the benchmark returns and monitoring investments regularly to find newer investment propositions.

Apart from working with mutual funds, the mutual fund manager can work with mutual fund research websites like Value Research Online.

Some of the current openings for fresh graduates in India offer an excellent platform for students to start their long term careers.

There are 35+ Asset Management Companies (AMC’s) in India having thousands of mutual funds in the market.

As such, there is a huge talent crunch in the market for such roles.

So, if you want to make a career in mutual fund analysis, have required skill sets, right attitude with educational qualifications, you can surely look forward to a long term career.

Read the detailed guide on asset management career path.

A typical mutual fund manager has the following responsibilities:

  • Develop clear opinions on mutual funds based on research that goes beyond mere performance and risk evaluation.
  • Conduct quantitative and qualitative analysis using databases, monitoring regulatory information and interviewing portfolio managers.
  • Monitor important developments in the fund industry, markets, and the broader economy.
  • Author columns, articles, and special reports.
  • Develop expertise in the mutual fund industry, specific fund families, various market sectors and corporate stewardship issues.
  • Represent the fund by speaking to the media, regulators, industry associations and conference delegates.
  • Adhere to the company investment policies for recommending mutual fund investment options to the individual or firm investors.
  • Keep in mind the long-term investment strategy of the company and communicate the same in tandem with the company’s marketing staff, decision-making support staff and financial advisors with the intention to work towards a common goal.
  • Deeply coordinate and collaborate with the fund research time to identify the best investment options and intermittent risks. This helps to create a strong research database with fund recommendations and conclusions.
  • Remain updated about the latest trends in the mutual fund market industry to solidify investment presence and by default, investment profits.

The work-life of a mutual fund analyst does not follow a conventional timing routine.

A typical day’s work depends on the fulfillment of sales quotas. Late night work hours or weekend meetings with potential clients are a common occurrence.


The salary package depends on education, skills, and experience.

The profile of a mutual fund manager pays anywhere between $40,000 to $120,000 annually in the United States while in India, the same profile will earn you anywhere between Rs. 180,781 and Rs. 880,684 annually.

How to Become a Mutual Fund Manager?

After years spent working as a mutual fund analyst, you can climb yet another step and become a mutual fund manager.

Becoming a fund manager is a celebrated status but has a lot of duties and responsibilities attached to it. A fund manager needs excellent financial acumen.

Expert fund managers like Peter Lynch and Benjamin Graham have become legendary for their acute financial market understanding and the ability to procure high profits for their investors.

The major responsibility of the fund manager is to invest the investor’s money in profitable ventures like bonds, stocks, and other financial securities.

The manager needs to perform detailed market research, monitor existing investments, analyze other investment options, review and revise investment strategies as per the market performance and study various industries for profitable investments.

To become a mutual fund manager, you need to have both the necessary skills and qualifications.

A graduate degree is a must, an MBA in Finance or CFA/CFP designation is desirable.

The fund manager needs to possess knowledge of Portfolio Management, along with a passion for investing and helping individual investors make better investment decisions.

Accountability is an important trait too.

The fund manager needs to have the ability to work independently, but also within an interdisciplinary team that includes investment experts, data analysts and software developers.

A minimum of five years of work experience is mandatory. The knowledge of fixed income markets is a plus.

The salary package and career growth depend on the asset size under his direct management and the performance of those assets.

Last but not the least; the fund manager should have excellent written and verbal communication skills.


A practical career graph planning will help you become a successful mutual fund manager.

If you are interested, click here to know the different mutual funds in the US, UK, Germany, Japan, Australia, and Brazil.

If you still have any queries about the mutual fund manager career, write to me in the ‘Comments’ section below.

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  1. Hi Avadhut, this is a nice article. Thanks for the insights. Well, I am a Company Secretary with 12 plus years of exp in Corporate Governance and compliance including Sebi regulations applicable on a corporate. I am getting inclined towards the fiancial industry. How should I approach it as I don’t have any qualification into finance e.g. MBA (Finance) or CFA and is it the right time to enter into this field or I am a bit late ?
    Would appreciate your advice in this regard. Thanks !

    • Hi Chandan,

      Since you are thinking to shift your career focus, this is the right time to know which career is right for you based on your Inner GPS. You can take our Career Coaching for this.

      About the qualification part, I suggest you read this and this guide.

  2. Dear Avadhi,

    I am working in ICICI Sec. 4year exp in Mutual Fund (Sales) industry. But not satisfy with salary, core sales and acquiring new customer regularly.

    But I love to work in Mutual Fund Industry, I like to make portfolio on Excel and search things on internet I am good in numbers

    but don’t like to sale to the customer.

    Please help me with right suggestion

  3. I am a recently qualified CA in May 2018 and would like to make my career in financial markets, so please guide how can I apply in financial sector firms.

    • Hi Akshit,

      Please read this guide and let me know which one you want to go for.

      Based on your answer, I can suggest a suitable career path.

      To know your unique career path, Email me for a detailed career coaching session.

  4. I m a CA final student nd only 2nd group is left to become CA…i m totally interested to work with MF …but i hv no practical experience….plz tell me…will i get job in MF after completing CA…..

  5. Hello sir,I’am in final year of my graduation.. I’m pursuing BBA and going to do my specialization in finance management.. What will the job options available for me in mutual fund sector? What’s the exact way to make career in mutual funds?

  6. I am fresh CA, MCOM, BMS candidate looking for Job in Equity Research, Risk Evaluation, Risk Assessment or Corporate Finance.

  7. Hello Sir
    I have done MBA in finance in 2015.i am interested in MF job. I have no job experience. How do I start my career in this field. Please suggest.

  8. hello sir,

    I am doing CA and i am very much intrested in becoming mutual fund manager.. please guide me .. what should i do next ?

  9. Hi Avdhut,

    Just saw your website. happy to find there is someone to guide on the topics like Careers in Mutual Funds. My query is that I am working with one of the Education Industry we provide different courses on Stock Markets & Financial markets. I work for Marketing & Sales Department to promote the courses from last 2 years. Eventually with promoting of these courses I came to know about Mutual Funds, I started reading about it & understanding it. I came to know to work in Mutual Fund Industry you should be AMFI Certified which is NISM V-A. I already cleared that as well. But now no any AMC is ready to employ me for Relationship Manager or Sales Support Executive as they experience people for the same. i am very keen to be part of sales or marketing team of a sound AMC but not getting any opportunity . Kindly suggest what can i do further to placed in MF Industry.

  10. I am a student of 12th Science. I am interested in mutual funds. Also I would like to become a MF manager. What qualifications should I take further and what should I do for increasing my financial skills?

  11. hello sir,
    i am kuldeep had done MBA in finance and now i am working as a relationship manager in mutual fund industry at a avisory roll to distributors.
    what should i do for boost my carrer.

  12. Sir my name is vinit sharma. recently i have completed my MBA with specialization finance in July 2017 and now i want to make my career in mutual fund market . sir could you please help me. .

  13. Hi sir,
    i have just completed my MBA (finance) , i want to ask you question regarding the profile of financial analyst . recently i have been recruited in one of the mutual fund company , they told me about my job profile regarding financial analyst but as i go to the company it seems the work of sale more over analysis job as they want me to talk to clients and want me to make them understand about the SIP and there queries regarding investments in categories of funds. and make them ready to buy a SIP or Lumpsum.
    so my question is this basically about my profile is it the initial step of financial analyst job as career or is it just a name with other designation/post. kindly help me regards that,
    thank you

  14. Hi,
    I’m very interested in the investment field-Portfolio management & Fund management basically.
    I’ve interned in an investment advisory firm for about 5 months, I’ve done and I’m a CA-Inter.I’m 27 years old.

    I would really appreciate it if you could give me some advice on how to go about it.
    1.) What are the courses available in India today to further my knowledge in the markets ?
    2) Do online certified courses from reputed universities count?
    3) and what are the job prospects for a beginner?

  15. Hello sir,
    Myself Paras Dorby having experience of 2.8months in MF industry. Planning to give exam of CWM in this year till august. What will be the job opportunity after that?. I wanna go for analyst job. Is im choosing right course ?? Please guide.

  16. Hello Sir,
    I’m currently in my last year of BCom and I am interested in a career in Fund Management. Is pursuing MSc Economics after BCom a suitable choice?

  17. Sir I did MBA in banking n finance now currently working in private sector bank but I have interest in mutual fund. Can u help me how I go for proceed s.

  18. Hello sir..
    I have done my btech in mech.. after my btech.. finance sector is drawing my attention.. I was looking forward to have a job like mutual funds analyst.. Please suggest me how can I proceed to get into that..

  19. Hello sir, I m Ayush & I have done MBA in finance & marketing & I also done internship in technical stock market & now I m working as a financial analyst inturn but I want to become a mutual fund manager so plzz tell me what qualification is required for this..& which modul is beast..??

  20. Sir

    I’m a free lance journalist in a regional language (Tamil). I possess master degree in english. Now i am dealing commerce related things especially share market and mutual fund related things. Is there any scope for me to become a mutual fund analyst. If so what are the steps I have to adopt, please suggest.

  21. Hi, I have completed my graduation in BA (English Literature) and now pursuing CFP and already cleared two modules. I want to do career in Hedge Funds. Which qualification will be helpful, Certified Hedge Fund Professional (CHP) or CFA ?

  22. Dear Sir,

    I am presently working in accounting and finance field. With your course I would like to enter into mutual fund industry. I am interested in this field and alos have basic understanding of share market.

    Pl guide me on future prospects available to me.

    I have done Mcom, MBA IN FINANCE and have accounting experience of over 6 years.


  23. Hi sir,
    I am kannan completed my BE(Electronics and communication Engineering).
    very passionate towards finance industry, i am working in AMC for the past one year in compliance handling . Customer service kind of. I am interested in finance field very much. Kindly let me know what shall i do further for my career growth.

  24. Respected Sir,

    What are the requirement for getting a breakthrough in IB/PE/VC firms in India?
    I am a B.Com graduate and CFA level 1 Candidate. Can I get any entry level job having cleared level 1 or will it be possible only after clearing level 2?
    Also please guide me through regarding educational qualifications required for becoming an equity research analyst.

    Thanks in advance.

  25. Hello,
    I have qualified chartered accountants course this year and have 5 years working experience in CA firm.
    I have very special interest in the financial markets subject which was part of my curriculum.
    I want to get into the mutual fund industry.
    What is the entry level job that I should look for. Pls advice

  26. Sir, iam an mba finance graduate I have some knowledge about stock market.I am interested in working fund house.if I qualify CFA level 1 do I get good job in fund houses.

  27. Hi Avadhut,

    Reading your above replies on querries, I think you are proper person to guide me out on my querry. I am a Chartered Accountant and currently persuing CFA Level II (USA). I have handled debt treasury of a public limited company for 2 years, but due to constraint investent policiy I couldnt explore debt market enough though I am aware about products and market functioning. Currenty I have just joined another company (a renowned broking house) where I have started handling mutual fund research and along with seniors setting up debt market platform. My future goal is to become Fund Manager and that too in Fixed Income category rather than equity, I just want to understand from you whether I am moving in right direction as none of my friends or family is there in such industry or field.

  28. Dear Sir,
    I am a mechanical engineer and i am working as a mechanical designer but from 2 nd year i put my effort in technical analysis and i developed lots of skills regarding analysis. Now i want to move my carrier towards technical analyst and finally as a mutual fund manager. what course will be suitable for me and from where should i do the courses .As i have not done MBA or any other course regarding stock market,please suggest me what should i do at present situation .Moreover i want to know about the job opportunities in this area.

  29. Hi sir,

    I am Mahendra. I Have done MBA in fiannce. I have been working in broadridge Newriver from past 6 months. It deals with US Mutual fund backend operations. I want to work in research companies like franklin templeton, JP morgan, fidelity, etc. Is this experience is useful to them if I go to interview in that companies if its not how can I change my experience relevant to their process relate please suggest me sir. Thanks in advance.

  30. Thank you for writing this article. I just finished my Major in Finance and want to go back and get my MBA in a few years. I am currently a financial advisor for a big financial firm. I enjoy it but unfortunately it is all about getting the clients and setting them up with stuff and not actually investing their money. That is where my true passion lies. I love investing and I know I am good at it (mostly because like Peter Lynch said anyone with half a brain can pick good stocks).

    Which Mutual fund families provide the best opportunity? How can you apply to those firms?

  31. Dear sir,

    I m working in mutual fund back end operation at R&T, i m under processing like subscriptions, redemptions and switch(payments, dividend & reivestments). now i want to switch my career into software side which is related to this experiance. kindly guide me.

    Thanks & regards,


  32. Hello sir,
    I hve done engineering in computer science and MBA in marketing but I was interested in mutual fund I am working in franklin Templeton AMC from past 6 months as business development associate..but now I wanted become research is it the right decision..

      • Hello Avadhut,
        Thanks for your valuable suggestion and will my educational qualification support to become research analyst? if it is yes then it is possible to become fund manager in long term career?

        • Hi Ram,

          Your educational qualification is enough. Adding CFA will definitely be a plus. You need to work as an Analyst at least for 5 years to become fund manager in long-term.

  33. Hello Avadhut,

    My name is Jagadish. I have a 6 years experience in financial service industry under Operations dept (provide ownership information of Mutual funds, Hedge funds & 13F). I’m planning to purse my career in Portfolio Management & Portfolio Manager.

    To become a Portfolio Manager in India what are the criteria to be met?

    So can you guide how should go for it?

    I will be thankful to you if you can guide me.

  34. I have cleared my CFA from ICFAI and from last 2 year I am working in Mutual Fund domain,preparing report for client,suggesting fund as per risk capacity of a client etc now i want to get into fund management /mutual fund analyst role or in investment team of mutual fund company so can you guide how should go for it?

    • Hi Soniya,

      How about meeting and talking to fund analysts working in your company? I feel that’s a good idea as you will get real and first-hand information.

  35. Hello sir….i have done.MBA with finance and cleared.AMFI exam for entering field…i want to.know that will it be require CFA/CFP for this course?? What should i have to do for this course….will you please requirment of it.

      • But for the financing skill they need an expertise…i am thinking CFA but today i have seen about CFS so i am quite confuse about that….i want to grap the opportunity of becoming a fund manager but i juz dont know the requirement of it…and step for it

  36. Hi Avadhut,

    I want to know about the basics of Personal Investment with respect to Mutual Fund and risks involved. Can you please guide me on that aspect.

  37. hi, i m confuse between CFA & Actuary, i want to work in investment area, i want to know that is there is any scope of actuaries in the field of investment.
    reply asap

  38. Hi Avdhut,

    It was very nice to read your comments. I worked with a third party administrator of mutual fund companies where backend requests of investors was processed so I do not have much skills required for Mutual Fund Analyst. I am Post graduate and CFA Level I candidate. I am finding it very difficult to get a trainee position into mutual funds adminstrator (profile you mentioned above). Can you suggest me how should I go ahead as I am really keen to make my career in mutual funds industry.


    • Hi Vijay,

      The shortest and best route is to check which mutual funds offer such positions. Use this link to check different fund houses in India. Check their website -Careers option. If the trainee position is not there, you can check which other entry level positions are available.

      Second way is to research on LinkedIn. Use “Advanced Search” feature of LinkedIn for this. You will get authentic data which you won’t get on the company websites.

      Hope this helps.

  39. Hi,
    I am working for last 6 years with insurance industry under Operations dept ,also keepn on investing in mutual funds & specific shares.
    Pl guide me on future prospects available to me in the industry,education qualification PGDBA(finance)
    how to look /guidance for job under this category.

    • Hi Prakash,

      MBA/CFA/CFP is added advantage if you don’t have experience. If you have good experience, then polish your skills in report writing, sector analysis, stock picking skils, statistical analysis, and portfolio management skills.

  40. hello AVadhut,
    a very nice spoon feeding information available regarding financial markets,greatly inspired by a very POSITIVE THINKING AND APPROACH. Reg myself i am a CFA india and want to build career in PMS/ mutual fund industry.aged 37years,working as Auditor in state Govt of andhra pradesh for more than 15 years,need your valuable suggestion for entry into markets

      • Dear Avadhut,

        my quiry is about that skills development. having completed CFA i thought that i will be eligible for some entry/middle level’nt helful for me?.i really donot know abt the financial market jobs as i am working in Govt from my age 18. so i would verymuch thankful if give me suggestions reg the dynamics of markets and the possibilities of getting good job??

        • Hi Nagasai,

          Even if you complete CFA, you need solid skills to enter in financial markets. Plus, in some cases your age would be a problem to get an entry level job. So you can try middle level jobs or team leader position jobs once you complete CFA – Level II. You can initially work in KPOs or financial research companies.

  41. Hello Avadhut Sir,
    My name is Praveen. I have a prior experience 4 years in Finance and Accounts and just completed PGDM (Finance) and looking for job in Corporate Finance, Inv Banking, fund analyst, Research etc. I am having 4 years of experience in AR,AP,GL Accounts, wanted to move out of this profile, so opted for MBA, but again i m getting same type of opportunities . I want to move to hardcore Finance jobs.I will be thankful to you if you can guide me.

    • Hi Praveen,

      Do you have skills to work in Corporate Finance, Inv Banking, fund analyst, Research?

      Since you have worked in AR,AP,GL Accounts,you now need to acquire the skills for the above-mentioned areas.

      Focus on gaining skills. If any company is offering internships/trainee positions, go grab it. Start doing your own research and analysis of companies. Do you invest in stock markets? Start investing doing your won research. Read a lot and implement a lot.

      For the next 2 months, just focus on acquiring skills (not only knowledge)that are important for the job that you want to take.

  42. Hi,

    I am an aspiring MF analyst. I have recently graduated from Boston University with a dual Bachelor’s degree in Finance and Economics. Currently, I have joined a proprietary equity trading group in NYC. Since you appear to be knowledgeable about the field, I had the following questions for you:
    1) As only a graduate, what kind of job experience should I realistically looking for? (
    2) Unfortunately, I don’t have a quantitative major like math or engineering which many of such positions require. How do I develop my quantitative skills w/o having such a major in order to signal the employers I am the right choice.

    I am an academically-driven individual needing guidance to achieve my goals!


    • Hi Rohan,

      In Mutual Fund (Long only Asset Management) industry, you can work in investment management or in supporting divisions like marketing, sales, client service, or compliance.
      Start working in a public market analysis role.

  43. hi, my name is anup kumar, i have done mba in finance specialization and i am looking as entry level job in finance as a analyst , investment banking ..i am very deeply interested in the MF and investment …. if anybody can help… it would be deeply appreciated..

  44. Hi,

    I am presently working in accounting and finance field. With your course I would like to enter into mutual fund industry. I am interested in this field and alos have basic understanding of share market.

    I invest into sharemarket on individual level.

    Pl guide me on future prospects available to me.

    I have done Mcom, DBM. and have accounting experience of over 20 years.


    • Hi Abhijit,

      Thanks for getting in touch.

      Which skills you have developed that can be useful in MF industry?
      Any work-experience of working in markets?

      Please read the above article again. You will have an idea of the skills required in MF industry.

      Book a career coaching session to know your rewarding career path.

      You can join this course to gain practical financial modeling/investment banking skills.


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