How to Learn Financial Modeling | A Complete Guide

After all these years in the corporate finance domain, I have come across a very frequent question from finance aspirants: “How to learn financial modeling?” Since an understanding of the financial model is one of the key tasks involved in any finance profile, every aspiring investment banker, financial analyst, or

How to Write Investment Banking Pitch Books

An investment banking pitch book is a marketing device/sales book created by investment banks/firms. The sales presentation details the firm’s main attributes to secure a deal for the investment bank with the potential client. The primary purpose of investment banking pitchbooks is to stimulate discussion between the potential client and

Investment Banking Career Path: Your Guide to Success

Are you a recent graduate looking for an investment banking career path considering your options or a career changer seeking a good career path and new horizons exit opportunities? Do you feel thrilled to travel this adventurous investment banking career path?  If your answer is – Yes, definitely! Then, I

REIT Valuation Model Excel: The Ultimate Guide

How many of you want to make a career in real estate or REIT Valuation Model Excel or REIT modeling? Those who are interested in making a career in real estate financial analysis, read on. I researched requirements of financial analysis in real estate or REIT sector. Glassdoor, Monster and

How to Build Financial Models | A Complete Guide

What is financial modeling?” “Do you teach discounted cash flow modeling?” “Can you give me a sample financial model that I can fill with numbers and present in the interview?” “How to build financial models?” “How to get into financial modeling careers?” “How to build discounted cash flow analysis models?”

Entry Level Financial Analyst Job Description: A Short Guide

After reading my last article, financial analyst job description, many readers got in touch with me through email. After discussing with them, I think many of you want to know the criteria for entry-level financial analyst jobs, salary, and resume and how to find these jobs. I’ve done in-depth research

Marketable vs Non Marketable Securities: A Complete Guide

This guide will help you understand Marketable vs Non Marketable Securities. What Are Marketable Securities? People invest for financial security. Financial securities are instruments that guarantee a certain return on investment (ROI). To be a successful investor and maximize monetary returns, you need to invest in both non-marketable and marketable financial

KPO Jobs: A Complete Guide to Help You Move Ahead

Though I’m in financial education space for the last 15 years, I continuously search for new things that I can share with FinanceWalk readers like this KPO Jobs guide. I get a lot of inquiries from graduates and post-graduates about making a career in financial KPOs. So, today I decided

How to Use Excel for Finance: The Best Guide

Welcome to Excel for Financial Analysts post. Many of you might be wondering why this post? Why a separate excel post for how to use Excel in financial analysis? What’s so special about it?